Content is key for LON-CAPA.

Starting out

Fortunately, the new system will not start at zero:

  • LON-CAPA will support content developed in the LON-CAPA model system, which will give immediate access to 450,000 online content elements, including 200,000 online homework problems.
  • Content will be imported from OpenCourseWare.
  • In addition, LON-CAPA will support back-of-chapter homework problems and other electronic content from leading textbook publishers.
  • Finally, LON-CAPA will support import from other course management systems.

Going forward

LON-CAPA accepts content from faculty authors, grant projects, publishing companies, and independent content producers. We let the content creators decide the licensing and make sure that it is respected. We believe that this diverse content can coexist and be woven together in a coherent fashion. Recommendation mechanisms will make sure that depending on the context, the most appropriate content is moved to the front and quality is assured.

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