Some people claim that all educational content should be free and open, others claim that all free and open content is unreliable and of lesser quality. We would like to think that both of these extreme claims are wrong.

In LON-CAPA’s repository, granular content with different licenses just coexists: proprietary or Creative Commons, free or with associated payments. Digital rights management may have a bad reputation among some people, but it actually allows faculty to freely select and weave together appropriate content while ensuring that copyright and licenses are respected.

We thus accept content from various sources, and we expect a significant portion of the content to be faculty-generated and free.

In the end, it’s a free and open market. Faculty makes the choices. Let the better content win!

It’s possible!

In the LON-CAPA model system, faculty-generated content coexists with publisher-generated content, while working with the subject editors of all major textbook publishing companies.

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