frameworkLON-CAPA was written without any particular framework to separate output from business logic.

For LON-CAPA-NG, there are several options:

  • Views based on XML-documents. In LON-CAPA, all homework functionality is currently driven by XML-documents, and this principle can be generalized to all functionality in order to generate “Views.”
  • Using an existing MVC framework. MVCs are often used in connection with template systems, which are not necessarily “native” to the way that LON-CAPA operates. Which system to use depends on the choice of language. If LON-CAPA-NG stays within Perl, there are two choices:
    • Catalyst – Catalyst has been around for a while. It tends to do many things somewhat “automagically.” It plays well with PostgreSQL as database, and not very well with MongoDB.
    • Mojolicious – a newer MVC framework, which works well with MongoDB.

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