Open Platform

LON-CAPA-NG will be developed as an open-source software under GNU-GPL v3, so it can be expanded and adapted.

What we don’t believe

We do not believe that the contributions from programmers around the world alone will ensure the development and sustainability of our platform. While we are prepared to be pleasantly surprised, experience from other open-source course management systems has shown that it would be naïve to completely base our software development strategy on this premise.

What we believe

We do believe in having a strong, longterm core development team and careful release management, which ensures that the system is enterprise-ready and guarantees the integrity of the flow of content and data.

Only systems that are running an official release can be part of the content cluster. Within that cluster, the open-source system can only be enhanced and adapted within carefully defined limits. Outside the cluster, people are free to use and modify the software in any way they like.

This mixed approach may seem unusual, but we believe that striking the right balance between protecting sensitive components that need to be tightly controlled and remain closed, while at the same time not limiting innovative code developers from building on this foundation, may in the end be the proverbial “best of both worlds.”

However, to keep things in perspective: at the end of the day, the value of the system is in the content and support.

Platform versus content license

While the code of the platform will be open-source, the content may or may not be governed by the same license. And while collaboration may not be a large component of the platform development, collaboration will continue to play in major role in content development.

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