renderLON-CAPA uses several helpers for content rendering, as well as user input. The majority of these tools are currently open-source, and several are currently implemented as Java-Applets.


LON-CAPA natively supports LaTeX for mathematical rendering, as well as Maxima CAS and R.

Support of input and output poses challenges. For screen output, the LON-CAPA-NG will likely completely switch to MathJAX (dropping some of the current renderers), while for printing, we will stay with the current LaTeX/dvi2pdf/Ghostscript chain.

For mathematical input, we are looking for an open-source replacement for the currently used Java-based editor.

For graph-input/output, we are continuing to evaluate the HTML5 version of GeoGebra, as the currently used Java-based GeoGebra is causing compatibility problems.


LON-CAPA supports chemical input and output. Also here we are looking for open-source replacements of the currently Java-based tools.

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